Important Notice To Orvla And Neola Members….Please Note That A Recently Established “Orvla Chat Line” Is Not Produced By Orvla (Ohio River Valley Llama Association) And That This “Orvla Chat Line” Is Not Authorized, Sponsored, Endorsed, Nor Regulated In Any Way By Orvla. Orvla Hereby Assumes No Responsibility Whatsoever As To Its Content, Opinions, Or Any Ramifications As To Said Mentioned “Orvla Chat Line”.

The First Show Scheduled Is The Daffodil Classic April 15th. (Details On This Website On The “Show” Page. Secondly Is The “Orvla Youth Llama Show” On Saturday, May 13th! Details Will Also Be On The “Show” Page. And Yes, The Spencers Have Been Busy And After A One-Year Hiatis, The Mahoning Valley Llama Show Is Back And Is Scheduled For The Memorial Day Weekend!!!!!!!! Lets Support These Shows And Do All We Can To Help!! Registration Forms For The Daffodil Classic And The Mahoning Valley Llama Show Are Now Available On The “Download Page” On This Site.